You can use our HTTP API to send emails using our email delivery service.

Before using our HTTP API , you will first need to generate your API token.

Please follow below steps to generate your API token:

  1. Log into your MimePost account

  2. On left-hand side menu, clck on "API Tokens".

  3. Provide a name (label) for your token and your MimePost account log in password.

  4. Now click on "Create Token" button. On success, it will show a success message and it will display your API token.

  5. Please note down the generated token and keep it in a safe place. This is because, this will be the only time you will see this token. We do not store your token in cleaer text password on our server to increase the data secuirty. We just store its hash.

After generating your API token, you can visit our API try out to play with our APIs. You can also checkout our API reference doc for more details.

Check our API Refence!

Try out our API!